Alberto Ferrero’s solo show @Erstererster gallery, Berlin

Alberto Ferrero’s exhibition consists of a series of 18 photographs showcasing Ferrero’s three travels to Tokyo between 2018 and 2019, and celebrates the launch of his first photography book. The series is divided between day and night, as to identify one of Dawn Town’s core topics – contrast – where black frames represent the night and white frames the day. A 1:1 print of a man sliding still grabs the attention as you walk in, the other prints constellate the rest of the space.

The book, 132 pages and 81 photographs, has a double-sided cover and two beginnings. Opening it from the western side (from right to left), the reader starts looking at the daytime chapter. Starting from the Japanese opening (from left to right), the book is introduced by the night. Each opening – or beginning – starts with an introduction. As you leaf through, four tanka poems (written by Giuliana Catalano) follow the stream of photographs.

Ferrero plays with dualism throughout the whole project: black and white, day and night, good and evil – leaving space for intersection. There is a hint of white in the black, some good in evil, and sparks of light in the dark.

Ambra Andrei