one image from the DAWN TOWN book - silver gelatine print

The book:

DAWN TOWN is a black and white story set in Tokyo between 2018 and 2019.  The story is an intertwined contrast between shifting dynamics of the night and day. This perpetual flow is represented with a double-sided cover – hence, beginning – each serving as a prelude to the other one. Raising more uncertainties than truths, DAWN TOWN is a question evoked by the wonder and mystery of the city of the rising sun.

Exhibitions: Erstererster gallery Berlin 2019 | Yust! Antwerp 2020

Following the book DAWN TOWN, the project found other interpretative possibilities. Thanks to a special modification on the photo printing equipment, I was able to work on a series of prints that depict and highlight things that are normally part of the “discarded photos”. BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUNDS is the emphasis on what happens in the backplane, where unexpected surprises often reside. Thanks to this modification of the equipment, it was possible to make exaggerated enlargements on a certain part of the film. This technique reveals the material of which the photos are made, in this case, the grain. Sometimes the result can be an abstract image where the viewer has to move away from it in order to focus it.

From this technique the SWEET TREATS series was born, a miniseries of 5 images depicting scenes of social rapprochement. A limited-edition is available in the shop.


the DAWN TOWN project is still in progress, as my interpretations of the work, understood as the amount of material, are still in turmoil.
In an attempt to reproduce the events that took place in Tokyo, I created life-size prints, reproducing objects and human parts of subjects photographed with the intention of recreating reality. An interactive, three-dimensional interpretation of analog material.
The reproduction of the strong zero drink (much loved by the Japanese and non-Japanese public) and the glasses from a 1:1 enlargement of a person randomly photographed in Tokyo are the two best examples.

DAWN TOWN by Alberto Ferrero polaroid exhibition Erstererster gallery Berlin