Sweet treats is a collection of 5 photos that the author Alberto Ferrero shot in Tokyo between 2018 and 2019. The term refers to the rare social contact and kindness seen on Japans streets. There is still love and care between people in the streets of Tokyo. The main reason Ferrero started the DAWN TOWN project is indeed to document the japanese youth and its dinamics.

Ferrero spent 2 months in 2019 in the streets of Tokyo with the idea to document the japanese youth and culture. When he came back home, Berlin, he realized that instead of documenting, his work was raising more questions than explaining Tokyo. The author developed his book DAWN TOWN in an other direction, far from documenting japanese society, the book raises doubts and misteries about Tokyo. The eye of a foreigner in the land of the rising sun is translated in 82 black and white photos. The book is divided in 2 parts that intertwine. If we read the book in the western way, from left to right, the “day” part starts. It represents the light, the reason, the good. From the japanese side we start with the night, the shadow, the unknown.

The collection ST goes along with Alberto Ferrero’s DAWN TOWN project. Ferrero’s first photo book was released in 2019 and Sweet treats is a subordinate path from DAWN TOWN. ST was firtly released in April 2019 as a campaign on help for Italy on the Covid-19 outbreak of the early 2020. The money from the purchases went to Protezione Civile of Italy.